Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Book of Mormon script


The Book of Mormon was etched on plates of gold with a language known as "Reformed Egyptian", a hybrid of Egyptian and Hebrew texts.

One of the reasons LDS scholars considered Mesoamerica as the ideal candidate for archaeology digs was because it was the only place in the entire North and South American Continent where written language was an established tradition. However, the only problem was that the types of languages that existed in Mesoamerica at the time didn't closely resemble Hebrew, Egyptian or Cuneiform(only script used in Tower of Babel times). The other issue is that the written language used in Mesoamerica dates all the way back to 5,000 B.C., so there is no way the written language that is found in that area is from Book of Mormon Civilizations.

LDS scholars at BYU point out that there are circumstantial similarities between Mesoamerican script with Egyptian and Hebrew texts. Native American Languages: Let's Void the Void by:Brian D. Stubbs

Skeptical Mormon


James Brian Marshall said...

I do quite a lot of research! It would not surprise me if there were written language around 5000 BC old! There is suggestion the Garden of Eden is in this country!USA.
While this cannot be verified at this time, the American civilations are very old. Older that most proffesional researchers realize or will admit to!

While it is rumor only, there is rumor that King Solomon had a temple in this very country!

The problem with doubting the BOM is that if you doubt it, you also doubt the prophets of old. If you doubt the prophets, you doubt God and His ability to bring to pass what He says will come. And if you doubt, then people naturally will not bother to search, seek and find, but rather procrastinate and perpetuate the doubt to lack of faith and they perish in the doubt of unbelief.

Rather it is better to have faith and choose to believe,so that one can find evidenses for belief.
The battle is not over flesh and blood, but over the hearts and minds of men! Those who will believe holding true to their belief to the end of day's have their beliefs vindicated.

That being said, we cannot brush under the rug that people in the LDS church have taught false doctrines. (RLDS Included, BOM says so ) But just because there are false prophets and teachers, does not mean the BOM is not true!
As matter of fact, if there are people teaching false teachings, chances are, there is truth somewhere! Other wise what need is there to decieve the people?

Satan only has his servants teach false doctrine, if there is great truth within reach of men that could free them! Other wise what need is there to lie?

Is the bible any less true because the Roman Catholic Church Taught an apostisized version of the truth? The bible is true, and has been proven true, in every way! Yet many people will not become Christians because of what they see quote " Christians do " end quote, in the name of Jesus Christ because they believe and rightly so, Jesus could never do such things!

One must remember to study and become an ardent student of the Bible and Book of Mormon! There are people who call themselves experts, doctors, lawers, and church leaders who say they know the way! Or, Joseph Smith taught this, or Joseph Smith gave revelation about that!!!

Many of them are wolves in Sheep clothing, pretenders, who are more interested in church for the status, power and wealth given them, then for any interest to server Jesus Christ personally!

My purpose is not to bad mouth LDS or RLDS or any kind of latter day saint! My purpose is to say loud and clear, that a church built upon the gospel of Jesus Christ can stand the test of a critical eye! But no such LDS/RLDS church has to this day embraced the fullness of Christ's gospel.

Therefor no church under the critical eye of the ardent student of these two books, ( articularly the Book of Mormon) spoken of by Ezekiel, Isaiah, King David, Enoch, can stand the test of a man who's knowledgable.

The fullness of the Gospel is Identified in the Book of Mormon very clearly. This fullness is confirmed by Christ's own teachings in the Bible! I challenge any and all who read this to either ask me to show you these scriptures, or seach these things themselves!

In the end Jesus Christ, not myself has the last say....


James Brian Marshall

James Brian Marshall said...

My origanal 1830 Book of Mormon says plates of brass! I'm not sure what was or is actually true, but I'd think the people writting the book would know what they used to write upon.

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