Thursday, May 31, 2007

80's Mormon Commercial "Never Tell A Lie"

I ran across this 80's spot on youtube. When I saw it, I felt a sense of nostalgia because I remember the old days when they would have these PR commercials frequently on T.V.

During that time in my life, the church as I perceived it was perfect and could do no wrong. Now, I feel like in a way, that innocence is gone and can now see the hypocrisy behind the message.


Elder Joseph said...

Never tell a lie ? Of course this is very Honorable and Many strive for this as I do myself .

However The church has lied in the past unfortunately .. Joseph Smith denied Polygamy and lied in Public and with absolute authority and Conviction he denied he was involved with it ! A LIE from when he started it to the day he was killed and probably still denying it now .

The Church conspired and collectively LIED about polygamy until Brigham Young openly declared it .

The church still lies now to me and other investigators and to its own members .

I don't balme my missionaries , they are just naive young kids sent out misinformed , because if they were informed properly , they'd probably stay at home .

Well I'm ever hopefull that God will reveal himself one day and not through so called 'Prophets' who suddenly have divine commission to marry young teens or command members to give all their asetts to the church organisation .

Of course there's worse out there with all the Evangelical con artists exploiting money for healing and other things ..

God knows where I live , he can contact me personally if he has something for me to do for him !


Zelph said...

I loved those cheesy 80's LDS PSA commercials, I wish they still did them. The commercial itself is cute, but it is almost laughable and loses all credibility when you consider the source.

Chandra said...

Oy... I can't believe the irony in this commercial... an ad aimed to prevent kids from lying... coming from the church that was started by the biggest liar of the 19th century...

Every time someone tells me they know the church is true I feel this lurching feeling of dispair within my soul... It just saddens me to know how I was decieved, and how 13 Million others are being decieved.

NateDredge said...

The staging was kind of scary.