Sunday, July 1, 2007

I No Longer Actively Participate In The LDS Church

I thought I would write one of very few blogs about me personally. The whole reason for this blog was to provide a way for me to organize my thoughts. I have found it therapeutic and very helpful in getting a clear picture of how I view the church. As I organize my thoughts, it isn't just one criticism of the church, it is when you look at everything that the whole thing just falls apart.

Imagine a Jenga tower representing your perception of the church. You are told that the Jenga pieces are glued to each other and the tower is glued down to the table. You are taught that no amount of wind can take it down. Then, You run into information that might cast doubt on the validity of the church, and suddenly a gust of wind comes in and a Jenga block is removed from the tower. You listen to apologetic responses to the criticism and you carefully place the Jenga piece back on the top of the tower, but as you do so, two or three more Jenga pieces fall out of place. You frantically try to place all the pieces on top of the Jenga tower. However, one-by-one more and more Jenga pieces fall out of the tower. As you try to reconcile all these pieces that keep falling out, you wonder why you were always taught that the Jenga tower was glued down. You then are told that it was just "speculation and one man's opinion" that the Jenga pieces were glued in place. Meanwhile, as the Jenga tower gets higher and higher, it also gets more and more hollow. By this point, your Jenga tower sways back and forth. It is just a matter of time until a final Jenga block is removed and the entire tower comes crashing down. You desperately try to salvage what you can, but you realize that the Jenga tower can never be rebuilt.

That has been my experience. I will continue to post other thoughts and ramblings about things that have led to my disillusionment, but at the current time, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the church is not what it claims to be. Although I no longer actively participate in the LDS church, I still continue to attend sacrament meetings to support my family.

Now that I know what I don't believe, the question is what do I believe. Right now, I am still looking at the scattered Jenga pieces, so I can not say what I believe. I am a blank slate. I will say this: My feelings are not a good indication of what is true. Perhaps when I am ready, when I have completely left the LDS church I can begin a new quest on what I do believe. In the meantime, I will continue to post and discuss other topics that got me to this point.

Disillusioned Mormon


Winfield said...

Great post! I have enjoyed your insights and well-written posts about some of the interesting issues concerning church doctrine and history. My jenga tower came crashing down last year after too many pieces no longer fit together causing me to begin a serious study of early church history. It took me about six months to go from doubting to resigning. For a while I read a LOT of books about the church, and I knew exactly what it was that I didn't believe. (I highly recommend Quinn's Mormon Hierarchy books. He provides a very detailed objective history of the early church through to the present-day leaders)

I'm still in the process of sorting out what it is that I do believe (somewhere between agnostic and atheist). Here are a few books that I personally found insightful during this process:

* The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong (Describes the origins some of the major religions during 900-300 BC)
* A History of God by Karen Armstrong (Describes the origins and evolution of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
* The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine (One of the founding fathers; he blasts Christianity hard for believing such foolishness as the immaculate conception, garden of eden, great flood, etc.)
* The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan (Sagan was one of the great scientists of the late 20th Century. This book is about the wonders of science and the pitfalls of pseudoscience, paranormal beliefs, etc. He also lightly touches on religion. When I finished this book I said to myself "finally... this IS what I believe" and promptly purchased a second copy for my still-believing wife).

Congratulations on your journey so far; good luck!


Zelph said...

Winfield, thank you for those references, I will make a note of them and be sure to check them out in due time. The most difficult thing right now will be to break the news to my family, particularly my parents. My wife knows my status and my bishop has noticed my disappearing act after sacrament, but it will take time for people to understand.

nathanielmacrae said...

This is very, very compelling stuff Zelph and I really commend your honesty. When the very foundations on which they have stood is swept from under their feet, people, more often than not, will move toward feelings of despair.

I don't know if this helps, but you are in my prayers. I truly hope that because of your movement away from Mormonism (if that is what you are doing) will not make you an agnostic/atheist, but to really seek 'truth' and 'God' (if at the moment, such concepts exit)...

bindyinslc said...


I have been lerking on your page for a few weeks now. I apologize for not leaving comments before, but I was just enjoying your honest writing and the fabulous information you provide. I really have enjoyed reading your story, and now your transition. It is often hard to find information that isn't slanted to one extreme or the other. I am not Mormon, never have been, but I have lived in Salt Lake most my life and come from a long line of "pioneer stock."
I have always wondered why people believe in the Mormon church, what it gives them, what it feeds. It seems like most I know that are real believers, do so with a sense of desperation.
I have enjoyed your journey and really getting to understand what it is that is so consuming about the church and its beliefs.
I really hope that with time, and a lot of healing, you can find yourself in a better place. I do understand your position with your family, and wish you the best possible outcome.

I really admire your honesty with yourself, that you refuse to just accept information just because your told to. You have great strength. Hold on to that when times are tough.

Stance For Truth said...
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Stance For Truth said...


I know exactly what you are going through. I have gone through the same crisis of faith. I asked the same questions, but I have gone the other way. I still believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet and god had a message to give us through him. The vehicle to which Joseph gave us this message was in a format that we could understand. Joseph Smith was a great storyteller and that is why he gave us the Book of Mormon. I have also concluded that the Book of Mormon is not a literal history, but it is a spiritual journey.

The Book of Mormon is a spiritual guidebook first and foremost. If it were meant to be a literal history, Moroni would have given it to the Smithsonian institute.

Don't give up on your faith. Just because the Book of Mormon wasn't a literal history doesn't mean Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I think the MESSAGE in the Book of Mormon is what is true.

Focusing on the literal aspects of the book are not going to get you anywhere and are just going to make you angry. When you focus on the literal aspect, you miss the entire point of the book, and that is the spiritual journey.

Bishop Rick said...

Stance for Truth,

Didn't you hear what GBH said about the BofM? He said that the whole foundation of the church began and ended with the truthfulness of the BofM.

How can you hold up a liar (JS) as a prophet? He lied about the first vision (many church accounts back this up). He lied about the BofM. He lied about his practice of polygamy, and was ultimately killed for his cover-up attempt.

This man is no prophet. Moroni never existed.

To continue to believe in the church knowing that the BofM is a fraud is a gross case of Cognitive Dissonance.

Stance For Truth said...

Bishop Rick,

Of course our church leaders use rhetoric that strengthens the member's positions. They have to if they want the members and particularly the missionaries to preach with any amount of zeal.

I think the biggest mistake people make is thinking that Joseph Smith was perfect. He and all the other prophets that have ever lived on earth are men and therefore imperfect.

I think Joseph had a vision of Moroni, but not necessarily a visitation, maybe in a dream perhaps.

I think Moroni existed spiritually. I don't consider the BoM a fraud just because the story is not literal. If you considered every allegorical story a fraud, you would have a lot of books on that list.

Zelph said...

Stance for truth-
I find your name oxymoronic. You claim to be a stance for TRUTH, yet admit in the same breath that the Book of Mormon is not what it claims.

Even if what you say was the case, the LDS church is being dishonest with their members.

I think overall, you are being dishonest with yourself. Why did Joseph need the golden plates to begin with? If the story isn't literal, why did he even need physcial plates, or were they fake too?

Zelph said...

Stance for truth-

It is apparent that you fall under the "inspired fiction" camp like LDS apologist and talk show host Van Hale said in an interview with the Australian microbiologist bishop that went exmo. Although in a way, I admire you for your non-orthodox views, I still can't wrap my brain around how a church that is supposed to be by God would lie and use deception to lure in its followers, then once you are in it's like "GOTCHA!!!". I don't think God would work that way.

Oh, and I love how once proved wrong, you play the game that suddenly the scriptures are "allegorical".

still firm said...

I think the easiest part of this blog is getting your mind set in one aspect and ensuring security by never waivering. After reading several posts (and not participating) I have determined that those opposed to the Church are just as set in their mind-frame than those who believe in the Church...

You are absolutely correct that there are evidences that don't jibe with BoM.... There are also evidences which don't jibe with the Bible (does that mean that God no longer is true?)

As I have mentioned in the past, I have spent considerable time reading anti-mormon literature... it typically raises more questions for me to further read about, but even as I stared down the barrel of a gun (my husband telling me to denounce my faith) I could not do it. Not everyone who remains active in the Church has done so with blind stupidity. Amazingly, some are able to maintain their firmness without being spoon fed the crap... some are aware of imperfections... and are still able to believe. Is that wrong? Does that mean that we have to be labeled LDS apologists? or oxymoronic?

Do you still believe in personal revelation? I do... I have received it... on more than one occasion. And my revelation was solidified by one of the apostles, when I was pulled aside by this man I had never met in my life... and spoken to about my revelation...

In earlier posts, I have to admit that I was intrigued with the openness to all points of view, but the anger and bitchiness-a venting area... That is too bad. The transition on this site has gone from seeking to validation of antagonist stance.

Perhaps, if you are still a christian, you belive that God is our creator, and Jesus Christ is the Messiah, then perhaps a good place for you to be is with the group "Good news for LDS" then you can help develop more anti-mormon literature.

I just want to end by telling you that there have been many who have gone down this road of seeking answers and attempting to find what is "right". Some found the Church, some left the Church and later returned, and others left-never to return. None of those actions make them bad people, but I would warn against the (if you are still indeed a christian)anti-christian acts of throwing stones... you sure would hate to get hit by one when others start throwing back.

FYI - The BoM is not the last scripture to be brought forth... when the next comes (not that our world is even remotely prepared for it), you will have many more members to enter your site... after all, how could we imbicile mormons believe there is really more out there? Wouldn't that mean we would have to be open-minded and sensitive to change???

TBM Mike said...

You should all back away from Stance for Truth, or he may stretch forth his hand and "shock" you like Nephi shocked his brothers, though that did not actually occur in real life. Indeed, Nephi's shocking was done in a more metaphysical sense, in what I like to call the fourth dimension (or is it the fifth?).

Like Stance for Truth, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Book of Mormon is the most correct work of allegorical religious fiction occupying metaphysical space ever to be translated from Gold Plates in a sphere of reality accessible only to Jospeh Smith.

I also know that one night, when Joseph Smith was praying, he was teleported to a parallel dimension where he saw a representation of a figure that called itself Nephi (though in a later manifestation in yet another paranormal dimension he called himself Moroni).

Everyone knows that Joseph Smith did not really "see" Nephi/Moroni and that the Book of Mormon does not REALLY describe an actual history of a people in the literal sense of the word- if they don't it must be their own fault because they have not studied the gospel and are sinning.

"See" is really just a simple way of saying "perceive in a metaphysical, ultra-dimensional sense unaccessible to anyone but Joseph Smith/me." Doh!

I'm with you, Stance for Truth!

Elder Joseph said...

still firm

you said "The BoM is not the last scripture to be brought forth... when the next comes (not that our world is even remotely prepared for it), "

How ridiculous .If non of the so called Prophets can even translate simple ordinary Egyptian ( when the book Of abraham papyrus scrolls were handed to the church ) and they are meant to be Prophet Seers and Revelators . Who on earth is going to bring forth any new scriptures ??

Its all a hoax , a farrago of nonsense .

There will never be anything , The church just uses anything to keep members in .They Lie to get them in the church in the first place and then condition them in the various bible classes to the point of women accepting its ok for self appointed men of God to 'call' girls into polygamous marriage .These OLD Gits married youg teens .They are revolting ..

and now you are slagging the bible off because your own scripture and ideology is false .Why do you have the bible in your standard works then if you feel that way ?

Its time to put an end to this Circus that joseph Smith started .he was nothing but a David koresh type leader who brought death and destruction to his followers.

Elder Joseph said...

Zelph ,

Please keep the blog running .There are some great though provoking articles and I haven't managed to copy them all yet .

I've had an email from yet another of my returned missionaries who admits he has a number of issues acummulated on his shelf and is going to take a good look at them now he's home again .

I am happy to have helped him stack his shelf !! lol

These young missionaries are not qualified to be pressuring interested vulnerable people into joining a very intensive and demanding church , especially because they don't tell us the real version .Its a deceptive pitch they bring , though not their fault . I can see their consciences show when I show them the real version of events .

They are just kids and sometimes they can't see their own arrogance tyhe church has placed in them . I have been helping them as they teach me . I'm very good to them and I'm quite active in church as well .I have no grievance with the average church member , they are fine and inspiring folk to be friends with .

my grievance is with the Leaders and founders of this deception .

Long term it can be a destructive church when members find out the real truth and then family problems start , divorces , etc etc and then they lose faith in God .

I know what they feel because I went through a similar thing with the Jehovahs Witness cult as a youth .

Zelph said...

Still firm,

Thank you for your comments and I take every comment seriously. I think people do decide what they believe ultimately. I think people can convince themselves that either it is true or it isn't. I think deep down everyone has their doubts. I think for me, there came a point where I couldn't keep lying to my self.

I thought about what you said and I think you have some valid points. Perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to judge others just because their belief system is different than mine.

You are correct that people go through this all the time. As far as where my path will take me is still up in the air. However, I do agree that the purpose of this blog has changed from questioning to simply informing. I appreciate your insight and you comments and I hope that you continue to read and post because I enjoy getting different opinions and different viewpoints. I think that is one area the church is lacking-accepting different views and interpretations.

Zelph said...


Don't worry, I am going to keep the blog running. I think the purpose of the blog has shifted from questioning to simply informing.

You are in a great position where you have interaction with the missionaries, whereas an exmo would be seen as an apostate, and a member would be disciplined for even bringing up questions.

It is amazing that so much has transpired and changed for me in the span of only a few months. I think deep down I simply came to realization of what I already knew after reading the material. I think this was a good way for me to talk about what was in my head and organize my thoughts.

still firm said...


I have been known to get up in RS, tell the sisters that the6y are hypocrites, and walk out... self-gratification (because they are mormons) has created an internal uproar on more than one occasion!

I want you to know that I really do enjoy reading your blog for the most part... The ideas are wonderful and thought provoking... the part I don't like is the BASHING... it doesn't seem right, or informative, somehow...

Still Firm said...


Please do not put words in my mouth... I did not say the Bible was not true! I was simply pointing out that a lack of imperical evidence does not make something false.

As far as further scriptures coming forth... thank you for PROVING my point!

As you know, polygamy is no longer practiced in the Church... those who do believe in the BoM and still practice polygamy are excommunicated... you really do need to get over it... honestly, even if it was still practiced, there are going to be those who are lustful as well as those who are full of love. REALLY... you've beaten that poor horse enough, don't you think?

Still Firm

Bishop Rick said...

Still Firm,

If only those that believed in the book of mormon were excomunicated.

My life would be much easier.

NateDredge said...

While I have not left the Church, and do not plane to do so, there is something I appreciate to your Jenga metaphor. That is that people who have sincere problems/doubts as regards the Church, generally don’t go whaling about over just one thing. It takes a number of things to start to make the tower a little wiggely or unstable. TBM’s who wish to ‘resolve the concerns’ of the ‘skeptical Mormon’, always want the collective you to provide them with one instance of concern , that they can then ‘resolve’ with some pat answer they have on hand. If you have additional concerns, they have generally unsatisfying answers for them as well. However they don’t seem to be able to see the forest for the trees, its not one single issue, but a myriad of interacting issues that create the matrix of doubt.

Zelph said...

Nate -

You hit the nail on the head. The most difficult and often times frustrating thing is when trying to explain how you became so skeptical of the church, TBM's want you to pinpoint one instance, as if it must be just some kind of minor blip. They make you feel like you are just being nit-picky and have no faith, you know, they make you feel like the "REAL" problem must be YOU. Are you moraly clean? Is it the word of wisdom, that's it, you must be struggling with the word of wisdom.

The most difficult thing is trying to explain that it isn't just one thing, it is when you look at the entire picture that your Jenga tower crumbles.

I think that is why this blog has been a great tool for me to express my concerns. I am able to just lay them all out. Although I have just scratched the surface, I plan on laying out many of the other issues and problems that have got me to this point.

The sad truth is that most Mormons really DON'T know much outside of what they read in the Ensign. I think it is great if you draw spiritual strength from the Book of Mormon, or from the church organization itself. However, when that faith is based on partial truths, limited knowledge a distortion of the facts and an intentional cover-up of certain facts, that faith is not based on reality, it is based on a fairy-tale. Of course people are going to have more faith in something that is made to sound more spectaclar than it is in reality.

The same arguments to support the Book of Mormon I could make for Santa Claus. The "evidences" for the Book of Mormon are just as convincing as evidence for Santa Claus. I could say that because we have found reindeer in Norway it is possible that reindeer existed at some point in the north pole. Or maybe, Santa is real, but he lives elswhere. Whoever said he was living on the north pole was just "speculating and giving one man's opinion".

In trying to find evidence for the Book of Mormon, people point to horses that existed in Florida, or the pre-Columbian iron furnaces found in Arizona, or the use of metal plates for writing in Asian cultures, or elephants that existed 10,000 years ago. However, none of this points to Mesoamerican cultures of the time period of the Book of Mormon.

When you can point out so many anachronisms, it really takes away from the story. Like when I read Moroni 6, I kept wondering how they were able to meet together oft to partake of bread and wine when grapes did not exist on the American continent until the Spaniards arrived. It is just these little things that all add up to a lot.

Bishop Rick said...

Well, in fairness, wine can be made from many different fruits, but I'm sure it was intended to have been from grapes.


Have you noticed on LDS.ORG that the church is preempting the fallout that is sure to come over the Mountain Meadows Massacre, by giving an LDS view of what happened? There is an article written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the MMM for the Sept. Ensign, but it is being made available online now...interesting timing on the early availability of that particular article.

Check it out and see what you think.

Elder Joseph said...


Nothing makes sense in this religion .

D&C section 9 is about Oliver Cowdery failing to translate anything ? and told to be content to be the scribe etc ..

This proves further that no one was looking at any gold plates or using any Urim and Thummim type instrument which supposedly came in the supposed box ..

Oliver wasn't allowed to see the Gold Plates so how could he translate anything from them anyway , so what is the point of the Nephites labouring so hard to keep a record to hand down. The reason Oliver saw nothing in Joseph Smiths Hat and Stone is because their was nothing to see !! Joseph saw nothing either , he just knew to dictate what he reckoned was there .

Worse still Oliver referres to the Hat and Stone as The Urim and Thummim and the church is only too happy to always quote him and ignore that fact that its not really true..

I don't believe the church will get away with this deception as more and more are leaving or going Inactive for this very reason of subtle deception and manipulation of the supposed events .

Its tragic why the church misleads people , have they no shame , are they so blinkered themselves , do they believe its Ok to lie as long as people join. I can't stand that kind of arrogance from so called Authority and especially the claims they are making about themsleves as Gods Annointed and Chosen ! .

They don't deserve anyones respect or loyalty in my opinion .

Anonymous said...

I would be very interested in chatting with you, and with TBM Mike if possible.

E-mail me if you'd like.


Jeremy said...

I find your posts very interesting and can relate to many of them. I am curious though... why do you disguise your voice in the YouTube videos?

Zelph said...


I am glad that you enjoy reading my posts and I encourage you to post your comments, thoughts, observations and opinions.

The short answer to your question is because I choose to remain anonymous at this time.

They call him James Ure said...

Excellent blog. Former Mormon here as well. I was raised in the church, indoctrinated and told to question NOTHING. I went to the mission training center (MTC) and taught how to manipulate people to believe and do what you tell them.

I served two full years in Africa and was faced with a crisis of faith when I was constantly asked questions about the black and the priesthood. This unraveled pretty fast once I returned home. I was disillusioned and angry that I was used to preach their crap.

After a couple of years of having left the church I decided to formally leave and have my name removed from their records. I didn't want them to still count me as one of their acolytes.

It was a total pain in the ass to get my name removed and it freaked me out. I was hounded by missionaries and my stake president until I told them that I would call the press if they didn't take my name off the records.

Since leaving I immeditately felt better and better with each passing year. It is as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have since lost faith in a "personal 'God'" and am now a Buddhist.

Well that's my story. It's always nice to know others who have gone through (and are going through) the same process as I went through.

That church has riped my family apart and continues to drive a wedge between the "believers" and "non-believers." It is sad how unforgiving and uncompromising many Mormons are in regards to faith and family. Ironic for a family that supposedly is all about the family.

They call him James Ure said...

Oh, I forgot to add that I found this great site that shows nearly verse by verse how the Bible and BOM are totally inconsistent and absurd.

Skeptics Annotated Book of Mormon

Anonymous said...

If Joseph Smith had the Internet.....
Helen Mar Kimball sits on her bed, computer in her lap.
sweetiepie14 (online)

Suddenly a pop-up message appears on her computer screen: nastyboyJS wants to chat ~ ACCEPT/DENY ~ She accepts.

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sweetiepie14: my dad?? who is this?
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Joseph Smith sits at his computer in a hidden location (for his safety).
fanny4U has signed in

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fanny4U: hi lover
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OrsonHide: WTF? A mission?
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ZinaBaby: Hi
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EmmaHS has signed in
HeberC has signed in

HeberC: i talked 2 her like u said
nastyboyJS: and?
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EmmaHS: as u should
EmmaHS has signed out

sweetiepie14: u still here?
nastyboyJS: HI!!!
sweetiepie14: my dad told me
nastyboyJS: and?
sweetiepie14: Y do u want me??
nastyboyJS: god wills it
sweetiepie14: will it save my kindred?
nastyboyJS: oh yes - salvation for all
sweetiepie14: im scared
nastyboyJS: god will provide - ur a good daughter of god
sweetiepie14: if it will save my family.....
nastyboyJS: say yes and be saved
sweetiepie14: and my family 2 right?
nastyboyJS: its the only way
sweetiepie14: i guess i will then
nastyboyJS: ur a good girl
nastyboyJS: u will be saved now
nastyboyJS: 2morrow nite we will b sealed 4ever
sweetiepie14: 2morrow nite!
nastyboyJS: god says it has to be 2morrow nite
nastyboyJS: ill take good care of you my sweet
nastyboyJS: i promise u eternal salvation
sweetiepie14: im scared!
nastyboyJS: im a prophet of god - b not afraid
sweetiepie14: k i guess
nastyboyJS: follow the prophet and b saved
sweetiepie14: 4 my family
nastyboyJS: oh 1 more thing
sweetiepie14: ?
nastyboyJS: cant tell Emma - god said 2 keep us a secret
sweetiepie14: y?
nastyboyJS: its gods will u keep it secret 4 my safety
sweetiepie14: if god says so then k
nastyboyJS: i look forward 2 us 2morrow
sweetiepie14: cya
sweetiepie14 has signed out

ZinaBaby: back
nastyboyJS: did u pray?
ZinaBaby: yes
nastyboyJS: and?
ZinaBaby: i was told its true
nastyboyJS: came from god
ZinaBaby: this is hard
nastyboyJS: im not about 2 make that angel mad! r u?
ZinaBaby: but I luv henry
nastyboyJS: me 2 - but god wills it
ZinaBaby: henry knows god wills it
nastyboyJS: R u sure?
ZinaBaby: yes
nastyboyJS: k - i'll be there 2morrow a.m.
ZinaBaby: so soon?!
nastyboyJS: u didn't c that angel
ZinaBaby: k
nastyboyJS: i cant wait 2B sealed 2 u
ZinaBaby: god wills it
nastyboyJS: and im a prophet of god - follow me n b saved
ZinaBaby: k ttyl
nastyboyJS: oh - god said dont tell Emma
ZinaBaby: k i promise cya
ZinaBaby has signed out

Joseph logs out and prepares to depart.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Imagine my surprise upon finding my "If JS had the Internet" post copied here by anonymous without reference to me as the writer of it.

Who did that?

:) I'm glad you like it, tho.

Zelph, I'm enjoying your blog.