Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LDS Priesthood Leadership Training Video

A condensed version of the LDS priesthood leadership training video has been leaked on the internet. It outlines the new media campaign and is obviously not intended for view by the general membership or the general public for that matter. I give it a few days until it will be taken down. However, the entire production can be viewed on the church's public website:

I warn you that it takes a long time to upload the entire thing, and watching it will take a good hour. However, I also think it is a good insight as to what goes on in the priesthood meetings. After seeing the video, it seems that the bretheren are more interested in marketing a corporate product than teaching the gospel.

Skeptical Mormon


Elder Joseph said...

The Video opens with , Why are there so many religions ?

Well why are there so many Mormon religions then ?

Absolute truth is talked about !

Well it certainly isn't in Mormonism because they change as they go along and then discredit past LDS prophets and Apsotles for their Holy Spirit directed teachings and distance themsleves from them .

Then it talks about how to keep your family together ?

The best way is to avoid Mormonism where some end up in Terrestrial and maybe just maybe some will make it to Celstial and then there is the arguing and strife in this life when one wants to leave the church or even question something .

It talks about Real testimonies of recent converts ?

Testimonies which have been built on a fraud and a lie and a whitewash version of church history .Why not feature testimonies of the lifetime members who find out they were conned , deceived and duped all their life .

Anonymous said...

The story of Jennifer Buster's conversion sounds so contrived and scripted it is difficult to take it seriously. Add to that her ties and background to Hollywood and one has to wonder how much of her story is genuine and how much is just pure acting. If you want to see a real down-to-earth genuine conversion story, I would suggest watching the story of Betty Stevenson (the female black convert to Mormonism).

Go to the above website and fast forward to 8:20

Russell said...

Incidentally, it's been over a month now and it hasn't been taken down.

Perhaps the Mormons aren't as paranoid as you think?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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