Monday, June 25, 2007

Start Your Own Cult!

Enjoy this video on how to start your own cult.


Bishop Rick said...

That was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I can already see the parallels in the Mormon cult. I am glad I am out of there. I renounced my membership 2 years ago and never looked back!

nathanielmacrae said...

I think this is more representative of Scientologists and maybe the Unification Church? The extreme portrayal of cults in this video, I think, don't quite match Mormonism...early mormonism maybe...but not now, surely?

Zelph said...


You are probably correct, although I think any organization has some cult-like characteristics, the current LDS church included.

I took a CPR class and can see many similar traits in the Red Cross.

I think this is more of a funny and entertaining way of looking at human behavior.

I agree that the extreme portrayal of cults in the video doesn't completely match Mormonism, especially modern Mormonism.

NateDredge said...

This video is kind of awsome, but also scary.