Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nightline- The Life Of Gay Mormons

An interesting video on gay Mormons


Elder Joseph said...

This Mormon church has no Authority for a start ...

We are all entitled to life after death with our families and ancestors whoever we are and the gift is from God through his Son Jesus Christ .Thats the good news ..

The Mormon Church somehow have Hijacked Christianity and put itself between us and God in return for selling us some kind of 10% Tithe franchise or license and many man made rules to keep , mostly obediance to the church leaders....

Joseph Smith told vulnerable girls that to get to heaven they have to be married to him . Thats sick ..

Jesus Christ died for them and thats enough .Thats the message of Christianity and not multiple women having to sleep with disgraceful polygamists in some kind of eternal ordinance ,they have no authority whatsover over us..Its a disgrace !

The Big Ass Bruce McConkie is not fit to judge me or anyone .. He taught some right rubbish .. what an embarrassment .

How has this thing got so out of hand like this .Many women are still trapped thinking that Mormon priesthood power really exists ! Its a nightmare and a scam ..

The sooner they loose there bogus power over peoples minds the better .. and Im doing my bit in my ward ...

Real truth is available now on the Internet and the church can't do anything about it .Information flood gates are open .

J. H. said...

elder joseph,

Have you looked into the Community of Christ church? You might be surprised to find that they share many of the same concerns as you do. I am not a member, but from what I know about them, they believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, brought us the Book of Mormon then became cocky and a fallen prophet when he started the teachings of polygamy. It might be something that is worth looking into.

The 1 Truth said...

Elder Joseph,

Do you believe in the priesthood or don't you? One of the things that Jesus did when he was on earth was establish his church with 12 apostles, just like there are today.

12 signs the Mormon church is true:

1.We are the only church that has a prophet and 12 apostles, just like the ancient church.

2.We can trace our priesthood authority all the way back to Jesus Christ himself.

3.The church is guided by continuous revelation through its prophet

4.The church teaches the biblical doctrine that God the father and Jesus are separate beings

5.The Mormon church affirms the savior was literally resurrected

6.The church obeys the biblical law of tithing

7.The Mormon church has the 'stick of Joseph' as mentioned in the bible.

8.The church is a missionary church, just like the savior's ancient church.

9.We do not have paid clergy

10.We teach baptism is essential for salvation, as was taught anciently.

11.The church teaches that our actions play a role in our salvation.

12.The church can answer 3 questions 1.Why am I here? 2. Where did I come from? 3. Where will I go when I die?

These 12 things are further proof that the Mormon church is the same church that Jesus established in the old world.

Elder Joseph said...

1 truth

There is no such thing as Mormon Priesthood and you couldn't cure a cold let alone move a mountaion or part any waters .

1 You claim to have 12 apostles and a prophet , but they have no authority because its made up and look at the history of their erroneous and damn right stupid teachings ..... it says it all .

2 You can trace your fake priesthood authority down to the two liars Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery .Jesus didn't commission these men for anything .

3 The Church has no continued revelation and has never had any ever anyway .

4 All churches teach that The Father and Son are seperate persons . Your church teaches they are seperate Gods .The bible teaches only one true God and so does the Book Of Mormon . Your multi Gods thing came in later on ..

5 All churches affirm the saviour was literally resurrected , thats where you got your teaching from .

6 The biblical law of Tithing was not practiced in the New Testament , there were various ideas to fund and live as Christians .

7 The stick Of Joseph is just an Interpretation of your leaders ( false one of course)....

8 JW's are a missionary church , Scientologists are a missionary church ,and they are man made cults also ...and does that make them true also ?

9 Paid clergy is fine , it means they can do their Job serving the people fully .Apostle Paul said it was ok to live off the church doing God's work and he also taught donation system and not tithe .

10 Baptism has no validity in your church . A batised member goes nowhere different from an Athiest .
You teach paying for a Temple Recommend is essentailfor salvation really... and you don't tell your investiagators this until they have made a fool of themselves getting baptised .

11 The bible teaches faith without works is dead . Not works to earn salvation .. including temple ordainances .

12 No one asked Jesus why we are here or where we came from . He taught us where we would go after death and not where we were before ..

There are no proofs that Mormonism is the retored church , there are proofs only of a false history and a set of self righteous Pharisaic type bunch of leaders taking charge of peoples sincerity and threatening to take their wives off them and their daughters like Joe Smith did .

true to the faith said...


I don't understand what your blog is supposed to accomplish here. I am not sure if this site would be approved by the brethren. If you want to deepen your understanding of the gospel truths, we already have plenty of approved material you can look at.

Have you been visiting anti-Mormon sites? May I suggest Jeff Linday's site:

It is full of evidences to support the Book of Mormon. I think it can help you with your problem regarding your testimony. Remember to have faith and pray to ask God.

Elder Joseph said...

true to the faith ...

Why don't you answer Zelphs concerns .He has posted good truthful articles on here and no one will answer them , because the conclusion is the same all the time .The church is a farce from the beginning .Its full of contradictions , anomolies , geographical impossibilities ,problems with anthropology throughout . The bookOf mormon has no historical basis whatsoever ..

Jeff Lindsay's site is just a long winded contortion of excuses designed to tire out the reader into thinking it has solved something when it hasn't ..

There is a very easy solution to this whole Mormon Nightmare .. Its just a FRAUD and once you relise that there are no more concerns , questions , anomolies or stress .Its beautifully simple.

Bishop Rick said...

For one thing, there is no valid evidence in the bible that Jesus even created a church. What he created was a Jesish sect, similar to the Pharasees. That's right, they were still Jewish. They just had different interpretations of the law, and taught that many things had been fulfilled.

Paid Clergy - are you kidding?

The LDS church doesn't pay anyone except its leaders. And don't let that little stipend statement fool you as they step into their black Lexus Limos.

Nope, 1 true, you pay for everything, you pay 10% of your gross earnings, you past fast offerring, you pay into the perpetual education fund, the scouting fund, the missionary fund, and that misc. line item fund.

They you donate your time to clean the church, run the ward, teach the classes, raise cattle, tend the farm, and so on and so on. But leave time for HT/VT because we have to be 100% or the elders quorum presidency will have to go out and do it.

This is truly the best con man has ever seen. You pay me to run my business.